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The phi29 nanomotor in the news.

RNA Nanotechnology

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  38. New Study Shows Promise in Using RNA Nanotechnology to Treat Cancers and Viral Infections-UKNow [PDF]
  39. Realizing the Promise of RNA Nanotechnology for New Drug Development [PDF]
  40. Postdoc Wins Prestigious NCI Poster Competition [PDF]
  41. World Leaders in RNA Nanotech to Converge in Kentucky [PDF]
  42. Discovery of First Motor with Revolution Motion in a Virus-killing Bacteria Advances Nanotechnology [PDF] [Youtube]
  43. Guo Lab Discovers New Class of Revolution Biomotor [PDF]
  44. RNA as Boiling-resistant Anionic Polymer Material for Nanoarchitectures [PDF]
  45. Biomotor and RNA Nanotechnology for Medical Applications [Youtube]
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  49. Lecture Features International Nanobiotechnology Expert [PDF]
  50. College of Pharmacy Installs Nanobiotechnology Expert Peixuan Guo as First Sylvan G. Frank Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems [PDF]
  51. Guo Awarded Prestigious NIH Grant [PDF]
  52. Guo Lab Reshaping RNA Containers for Transporting Drug Therapies [PDF]
  53. Top Nanobiotechnology Scientist Joins Ohio State Faculty [PDF]
  54. Current Guo Lab News [PDF]
  55. Advanced Science News [PDF]
  56. Novel RNA Nanotech to Decorate Exosomes for Effective Cancer Therapy [PDF]
RNA as Building Blocks (PDF)
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Nanomotor in the News (PDF)

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Guo Lab Reports Finding of Revolution Biomotors in Many Bacteria and Viruses  

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