Conference Program



1. Biophysical and Single Molecule Approaches in RNA Nanotechnology
2. RNA Structure and Folding in Nanoparticles
3. RNA Computation and Modeling
4. RNA Nanoparticle Assembly
5. RNA Nanoparticles in Therapeutics
6. RNA Chemistry for Synthesis, Conjugation, and Labeling of Nanoparticles
7. RNA Systems Biology and Engineering
8. Exosomes and Extracellular RNA Communication


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Poster session

Coming soon!

Horse Racing

Our meeting will conclude at noon of April 5, immediately preceding Opening Day at the Keeneland Horse Track! Grab your finest attire (Jacket/Tie for Men and Dress/Suit for Women) and experience one of the finest, upscale thoroughbred horse tracks. For an additional cost, we want everyone to enjoy a Kentucky tradition for an afternoon of racing after our meeting! Opening day of Keeneland is a special occasion and will feature some of the premiere races leading up to the famous Kentucky Derby! Depending on interest, we will consider renting a special room overlooking the track with a catered lunch! More information to come!




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