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Positions Available

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Varieties of positions in RNA nanotechnology, biophysics, single pore sensing, or drug delivery are available in the lab/centers of Peixuan Guo (http://rnanano.osu.edu/Guo/peixuanguo.html ). Strong background in nucleic acid chemistry, imaging, cancer biology, siRNA/drug delivery is preferred. To apply, please contact guo.1091@osu.edu

Research Projects using phi29 Nanomotor:

-Biochemical studies on an RNA essential for viral DNA packaging

-Novel vector as ribozyme carrier for prevention or treatment of diseases

-phi29 nanomotor pRNA as a carrier for breast cancer and prostate cancer therapeutics

-Viral nanomotor used in nanotechnology

-RNA as building blocks of nanostructures of different sizes and shapes

Please contact Dr. Peixuan Guo, guo.1091@osu.edu

The Ohio State University is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.